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1. 本人謹此聲明,上述姓名的參加者願意承諾遵守中國香港柔道總會所訂立之規條,並確認所填報的資料全部屬實。
2. 參加者個人健康及體能良好,適宜參加柔道活動。如參加者因個人疏忽或健康及體能上的不足而導致於參加中國香港柔道總會所舉辦、協辦或贊助的活動中可能引致的傷亡,中國香港柔道總會將不需為上述參加者在活動中遭受的任何傷害或死亡負上任何責任。如參加者的行為疏忽而導致第三者受到任何損失、傷害、受傷或死亡,參加者或其監護人須承擔中國香港柔道總會所面對的任何索償及要求。

1. I declare that the name listed above (“the Participant”) undertake to observe all rules and regulations stipulated by the Judo Association of Hong Kong, China ("the Association") and confirm that all information are correct.
2. I declare that the Participant is healthy, physically fit, and suitable to participate in the judo activity. The Association shall not be liable for any injury or death which the Participant may suffer in any activities organized, co-organized or sponsored by the Association, if the cause of injury or death is due to his/her own negligence or inadequacy in health and fitness. I undertake to indemnify the Association against all actions, claims and demands by any person who suffers or sustains any loss, damages, injury or death arising out of or as a result of the Participant’s acts due to his/her negligence.

本人已閱讀及同意以上之內容 (18歲以下參加者須由家長/監護人簽署) 。
I have read and agree all the content above (Participants aged below 18 must be signed by parent/guardian).

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